Monday, May 2, 2011

Sky High

I've seen that color-blocked anything have been really popular for this coming season- and I'm obsessed, especially with color-blocked wedges.  I first saw this style in March and I just can't help but keep coming back to my new shoe dream for summer.  They are such a better alternative for flip-flops, and provide extra height since I'm only 5'4".  In a way they remind me of these YSL "exit shoes" from fall that had the faux fur on the back, since they have unexpected color-blocking on the heel.  They are a summer-y, toned-down version of those to me.   My favorite part though is how they are sky-high, but still have structure so you don't topple over (which is necessity or me since I'm still practicing how to walk in stilettos). I for one, am hooked.  {you can buy these Pierre Hardy shoes here and here, and another option that I couldn't find for sale here}

1 comment:

  1. These are such great wedges! That strip of color really makes them pop!