Friday, May 21, 2010

BP Oil Spill

So, I'm sure you have all heard about the oil spill that BP has caused. It is a devastating thing and I want to do all that I can to help. I just hate to think about all those sad, little, defenseless animals out there that are dying because of it. Now, this is something that I'm sure less people have heard; you can make these sponges out of hair and they soak the oil right up! Here is a link to learn about the actual oil spill. BP right now is saying that they don't want to use hair booms which I think is devastating since we have so much of it. I mean, we usually just throw it away to be put into landfills, although you can use hair in a compost pile. So try your best to help the sad amount of oil dumping into our oceans. Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer is Coming to Payless

So, everyone is coming out with all their new summer collections right now. Including Payless, which, I know, isn't the top place to but shoes.  But if you are saving up for a trip to California for a week later this summer, like me, and you don't have an actual job, then you want to save as much as possible. And, to tell you the truth, eco-friendly shoes aren't the least expensive things in the world. So, if you want a new pair of shoes for the summer, Zoe&Zac for Payless are a great resource. They have a bunch of new, really cute styles that just recently came out. Yes, some of the shoes do have plaid, (everyone feels they need to stay with all the trends to make a profit, which is really sad) but the even the shoes that do have plaid are cute. My favorite aspect of them is the lining because of the fabric's cute flower pattern which is really small. Right now I really like that. It's sad that you can't actually see the lining but it is still there and still fun. My favorite pair of the shoes are the Acacia Strappy Wedge Sling in brown.  I will definitely be going to buy those, especially because they will look cute with the caftan that I'm designing, an soon making, and my swim suit. Hopefully they will work with the maxi dress that I'm on a hunt for right now, and the rest of my summer wardrobe for that matter. Okay, well, that's all I have to say for now, so bye!


Monday, May 3, 2010


So, I have signed up for a thing called Terracycle. The link for it is here. I have made up a team(which right now consists of six, me and my family) and I would like help for it. I have started  it as my community, but anyone that wants to join my team can. You need to be invited in(their rules, not mine) so if you want an invitation to join my team, email me at this email, and I will email you an invitation. My team name is Houndstooth and Green, for the blog. You can also start your own team. The main idea of it, is to sent your trash to this company and they basically turn it into usable products. They are very specific on what you can send in, so you need to make sure you have all the rules down. For every item that your team sends in, they will donate two cents toward a charity of you choice. My charity is the Nature Consevancy but if you make your own team, you could sign up for a different charity, like a school PTO. They sell their products at Walmart, and I personally think it is a really cool idea. You need to send in incredibly huge amounts(like 200 drink pouches) so please, try to join an already existing team. Thanks for your support.


Wedding Dresses

So, even though I still have a long way to go till I get married, I love weddings. Especially the dresses. I found this website that is really great and it talks all about living green gorgeously. Here is a link for it. She also posted on her blog all about wedding dresses that are environmentally friendly. On the post, there was a picture for one of the prettiest dresses ever. It was simple yet unique and I love it! Here is a link to get to that post specifically. There are tons of websites out there talking baout green weddings, and when I get married, I am going to pull out all the stops for the most fabulous green wedding. So enough about weddings, because its making me depressed that I'm not an adult and therefor cannot get married. I'll post later!