Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jojo's is Six!

So, my little sister Jory turned six earlier today, and I have been living in birthday central for the past week. Last Saturday, my aunt and uncle came over to give her her present because they wouldn't be able to come tonight to have dinner with us like the rest of the family and that is what turned her on. She would not let us forget that her birthday is coming up in days. Planning her party that got overseen, deciding the kind of cake she wanted and, most of all, what she wanted for her birthday. Well, I have been painting my room lately so she has wanted something like that to happen. She wanted to paint a wall, get a rug, take out her play kitchen(oh my gosh, she is turning into a pre-teen) and make a very high stack of magazines to read. So, for her birthday my mom got her a light purple and dark purple rug that she adores, and after wanting one since her fourth Christmas, an American Girl doll. She loves the doll, and named it Violet. So now she wants to paint over her mural that she did when she was two, a bunch of scribbles, and turn her room into a "teenager lounge that my sissy would have"(her words, not mine, that she said this morning to her best friend Rylee. Those two are little fashion divas, I'm so proud). Now she has a desk in her closet, a rug on her floor, she feels that the rug ties every thing together, and no play kitchen. Here are some pictures of Rylee and Jojo "lounging" in her new room.
Just figured you could all use a laugh today, Happy birthday Jojo!

xoxo, Peyton

Friday, July 23, 2010

Igor and Andre

The Igor and Andre blog is amazing! Danny Roberts is such an amazing artist, I adore his paintings. It really doesn't help my addiction to his work that he is a fashion illustrator. It only makes me crave more of his art. I was looking back at some of my favorite paintings that he has done today. I'm in a Danny Roberts mood, as I'm wearing the shirt from Forever 21 that I'm sure you all know so much about from this post. I was looking and I must have skipped over this post some how. It is so amazing, I want it for my wall. It would go with my new decor so well, ugh. Anyway, I figured I would share it with you, so now that I have no more to say, except that i want a copy of this painting(sigh), I guess I will send you off.


Counting Down

Only 11, wait, maybe ten, more days until I fly out to California.  My best friend Delanie(who I'm going to see) have made lists and lists of things we plan to do. Go to a baseball game jut like when we were little, lounge by her community pool, stroll down the streets of Old Town Sacramento. But, the one thing we are really, really looking forward to is going to San Fransisco. I haven't been there for three years, never have I been when I could really appreciate the old look of the houses, the shopping, the trolleys. I'm so excited we will get to spend the day there, and spending it with Delanie only makes the thought sweeter. We are going to go to the San Fransisco mall that has what five stories? I've been looking up stores at and around the mall and doing that just makes me more and more excited. There's and H&M which I've never been to, a huge Forever 21(that is my store), and a Buckhorn Grill. Buckhorn Grill has the best onion rings ever. Then' I've also looked up this cute little cupcake shop called Kara's Cupcakes. They have these amazing looking cupcakes that have every kind of frosting, filling, and flavor you could imagine! Each cupcake is less than four dollars, so we will have to judge how amazing they are.  I just can't wait for August 3rd to come!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I have been searching around lately for the perfect tea set to buy, my little sister and I love to have tea parties and her doll tea sets just don't cut it for her any more. Her birthday is less than two weeks away, so I figured I would treat her to a brand new tea pot, since we have plenty of tea cups. The tea cups are fabulous, all white and plain, but all different, so we need something very fun for the tea pot. I've looked at little boutiques around our house, to World Market, and nothing very fun at all. So, I had this genius idea to check out Anthropologie's website, since it is a very long drive to the actual store(sigh), and I have lucked out. Only, now, I love too many, too much. I can't buy them all(again, sigh) so I'm contemplating which to get(should I really get one for her, i I do, I'll just steal it. Or, could that be my excuse to buy two...).  But, then, when you type in 'tea sets' into their search box, other amazing things come up too. Ugh! Why does Anthropologie have to be so great! Here are some pictures of the things I have fallen in love with, enjoy!
TokyoMilk Wrapped Soap $11.00

Stormy Weather Creamer $7.95

Bright Morning Teapot $128.00

Tea House Doorknob (comes in four variations) $38.00

Dragonfly Teapot $88.00

Bright Morning Teacups, Set of Four $128.00

Fleur De Lys Teapot $28.00

Tea-And-Crumpets Apron $32.00

Lollia Foaming Bath $50.00

Sugar & Cream Dress $158.00

Pattern Ponder Cardigan $98.00

Now, these are all from Anthropologie, I found them all on The last one has nothing to do with tea, but I found it when I was looking at the Sugar & Cream dress and couldn't resist putting it  in my list of pictures. Also, looking at this made me do a reality check so, I won't be getting any of the tea pots. As much as I really, really love them, they are just way to expensive for me. Oh, well. I guess I'll have to search some more for that perfect, summer-picnic, doll tea party, fun, amazing, (cheap) tea pot. 


It's my birthday!

Sorry about my long break I took. I haven't felt like posting and I just couldn't think of the words to use. So, YAY!!! We got our Mac back! So, I will finally be able to upload pictures!!! I have been soooo excited(that explains the over use of letters and punctuation marks)!  Today is also my birthday, yay, again! I got this great tee of a French blogger(the Pandora shirt I've already told you about) and lots of money for my trip out to California. My party is going to be on Friday at the pool, so we'll see what i get then... The shirt looks amazing on me too, with my frayed cut-off shorts. I also got a blue ruffled shirt from Forever 21(have you seen how obssesed I am yet?) that looks good on me too. I'm creating a whole new wardrobe before school starts, and hopefully I will be able to have all new clothes after my trip out to california. That will be a whole week of shopping, I'll have to make a ginormous post of pictures from California when i get back.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Ruffles...and Sparkles..and Sequins

So lately I've had this obsession with the following things: Ruffles, sparkles, and sequins. I love them all. Also, for my birthday a friend of mine(thank you Katie!) got me British Vogue. How do the go together? Well, it seems as though in the U.K., they have some of the same obsessions; right on the cover girl(Cameron Diaz), is an amazing sequined frock. I loved it the instant I layed eyes on it. Then, as I flip through m newest treasure, I notice there are lots of sequined and sparkly things in it. It was fabulous! So, here are some of my favorite images from the magazine. (sorry for the bad images, but I couldn't find the pictures I wanted out of it on the Internet. I guess you'll have to settle for my camera, oh well.)
(All pictures taken by me of British Vogue, July 2010. Sorry about the unprofessional quality of the pictures, but on a babysitters salary, you just don't have the money to hire a professional photographer)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fourth of July!

In our neighborhood, instead of celebrating the fourth, we celebrate on the third and the big fire works show goes off the night too. I've always love the fourth and it reminds me of family in California. Every year, when we still lived in California, we would either go to my mom's mom's house or to my mom's dad's house for fire works and parades and boat shows and barbeques. They both live on lakes so we would go on boat rides and my grandma's husband would show us (me and my cousins) how to fish. We would decorate t-shirts and paint our nails red white and blue. I really miss them now, but I'm still excited for the party tomorrow. My friend Michelle and I are going to have a sleepover and watch the fireworks from our house. Lots of fun!I'm going to help my little sister and her friends make pinwheels for tomorrow, but I'm stuck on what to wear. I'll have to think tonight.