Monday, August 16, 2010

An Audrey Hepburn Kind of Top

So lately I've been drawn to striped tops. They seem to be popping up every where I go and today at JCPenny's I found a great one, that looked so fabulous on the mannequin, I just had to buy it... Until I looked at the rack and they only had extra larges. I'm typically a small/extra small when it comes to clothes and I can still fit into children's sizes. It absolutely horrible! Some girls at school actually wear the kind of kids clothes that I do fit into, but I just don't. Period. I'm not a neon and peace signs kind of girl, really, I love couture and fashion and the runway and I just wish I could be a touch bigger, but alas, I make it work with Forever 21 and, dare I say it, Aeropostale. But this is getting off topic, so right now I'm on search of finding the perfect striped top. I've been looking at French magazines since that is something the French know so much about, and pull off so easily. I want a top that Audrey Hepburn would be proud of. I love the look of a looser fitted top that is tight around the waist, so you have the draping at the neck, but the structure at the waist. I could tuck it in, wear under a military jacket, or just pair it with jeans, great shoes, and a simple pair of earrings. Well, my search continues, and I'll post pictures as soon as I have something to take pictures of. Tomorrow I'll do an outfit post with new clothes from California, good night!

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