Sunday, August 15, 2010

The New School Year

Every store you go into right now mentions the new fall looks which makes you feel like you need new clothes for school and is decked out in the "it" colors for fall. I absolutely adore fall, it is "the" fashion season that almost every designer, magazine editor, and model look forward too. I've been searching for a new jacket for fall, my closet really needs an update, and I need to be able to stay warm in the chilly days of fall that Colorado always seems to have. I've been wearing a bright pink trench as my go-to jacket for the past year, and it has kind of become a cliche in my closet.  I love the look of the military jackets, but my question is, how long will that look really last? I want something that I can just grab off of its hook and wear. It has to go with almost everything. It does need to be light weight enough to tote around if the weather all of a sudden changes(that happens way too often here). It will need to stand up to wrinkles if I shove it into my locker right before the bell at school without really thinking that I will have to wear it later. I really need to look through my newest fall fashion magazines to get inspiration, but right now I'm leaning towards a faux-leather bomber jacket that Emily from cupcakes&cashmere just wrote about. Ugh, I guess I will have to search some more, I'll post pics of the jacket as soon as I decide which jacket. That's all for now, but more will come soon!


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