Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Attachment

Sorry I haven't posted any pictures yet of my outfits or San Fransisco. Life is so hectic with school starting and I've just trying to deal with that.  I have been trying to put my brain into fall mode for school because Lord knows I don't need another pair of shorts, or any more flimsy tank tops perfect for summer.  Yesterday we went to the Fancy Tiger, which is a local fabric store that I could spend hours and hours in. We went there after we dropped my little brothers off at the Ink Lounge for a kite making class. The Fancy Tiger was having a huge sale and these Amy Butler organic hemp fabrics were on sale. A couple looked a little like denim and one fabric that I just loved had dark and light pin-stripes all over and it looked a bit like printed denim. I wanted so much to take that bolt of fabric, buy a yard, and drive home to make a pair of shorts, but no, I told myself that I didn't need the fabric and sadly walked out of the store. It didn't help much that when we got to the Ink Lounge they were finished with their kites, and they were going to take them to a park to test them out. It was a beautiful day, but sitting there in the too-green-to-be-true grass, looking at my bare legs and the boys flying kites didn't help much with my fall dilemma. I need to get past summer, and the funny thing is, I want all those amazing fall things to come. The leaves changing colors, carving pumpkins, being able to wear a fabulous jacket when its chilly are some of my favorite things. I love all the new clothes and the back-to-school shopping lists. Now all I need is for my brain to register that that time of the year is here! I desperately need a new jacket, and I did order a vintage one on Etsy, but it hasn't come yet. I think that may be my cure to the attachment in my brain to summer. That, and maybe a new pair of ankle boot from Forever 21...

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