Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dreaming of Summer

Candy colored hues always seem to seep into my closet around this time when I'm in desperate need of a day by the pool, or just hot weather in general.  In December I'm fine with the cold, dank atmosphere, but now that it's February - and it's just starting to get real cold - I have some issues with not being able to wear anything that hits above my ankle, or having to wear 50 layers any time I step out side.  After all the snow we got today, I'm in a serious need of a pick-me-up, and these delicious finds certainly brightened my mood.  They were definitely what I needed after such an average start to the week.  So, which neon pop of color are you dreaming of bringing into your closet?

Blue Metal Ring Neck Chiffon Sleeveless Blouse

Red Frill Edge One Sleeve Poplin Playsuit

Missoni Mare 

                                        Roberto Cavalli 

Topshop Chiffon Sleeveless Blouse
Topshop Red One Sleeve Playsuit
Missoni Knit Kaftan
Zero+MariaCornejo Pink Satin Top
Roberto Cavalli Printed Silk Tunic

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