Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pretty Little Flats

Spring is approaching quicker then anticipated and as I was looking through my closet yesterday, I realized I need new shoes for spring.  Shoes are one thing that I don't indulge in nearly enough but this season is begging for new spring-ish sandals.  My parents have planned for our whole family to go to California in two weeks (a little surprise for all of us) and that combined with the fact that a new season is making way, I have the perfect reason to go shoe shopping. I'm hoping to get a bright colored pair of ballet flats (like these), sky-high wedges in a natural material, and either gladiator sandals or a nautical, rope pair of sandals.  Here is just one of the amazing shoes that have inspired my search for the perfect shoes for my lacking closet(more to come, I promise).


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