Monday, May 3, 2010


So, I have signed up for a thing called Terracycle. The link for it is here. I have made up a team(which right now consists of six, me and my family) and I would like help for it. I have started  it as my community, but anyone that wants to join my team can. You need to be invited in(their rules, not mine) so if you want an invitation to join my team, email me at this email, and I will email you an invitation. My team name is Houndstooth and Green, for the blog. You can also start your own team. The main idea of it, is to sent your trash to this company and they basically turn it into usable products. They are very specific on what you can send in, so you need to make sure you have all the rules down. For every item that your team sends in, they will donate two cents toward a charity of you choice. My charity is the Nature Consevancy but if you make your own team, you could sign up for a different charity, like a school PTO. They sell their products at Walmart, and I personally think it is a really cool idea. You need to send in incredibly huge amounts(like 200 drink pouches) so please, try to join an already existing team. Thanks for your support.


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