Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Summer is Coming to Payless

So, everyone is coming out with all their new summer collections right now. Including Payless, which, I know, isn't the top place to but shoes.  But if you are saving up for a trip to California for a week later this summer, like me, and you don't have an actual job, then you want to save as much as possible. And, to tell you the truth, eco-friendly shoes aren't the least expensive things in the world. So, if you want a new pair of shoes for the summer, Zoe&Zac for Payless are a great resource. They have a bunch of new, really cute styles that just recently came out. Yes, some of the shoes do have plaid, (everyone feels they need to stay with all the trends to make a profit, which is really sad) but the even the shoes that do have plaid are cute. My favorite aspect of them is the lining because of the fabric's cute flower pattern which is really small. Right now I really like that. It's sad that you can't actually see the lining but it is still there and still fun. My favorite pair of the shoes are the Acacia Strappy Wedge Sling in brown.  I will definitely be going to buy those, especially because they will look cute with the caftan that I'm designing, an soon making, and my swim suit. Hopefully they will work with the maxi dress that I'm on a hunt for right now, and the rest of my summer wardrobe for that matter. Okay, well, that's all I have to say for now, so bye!


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