Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fashion Magazines

I always love learning what people in the fashion world read for magazines. I'm not really in "the fashion world" yet, but I do enjoy reading fashion magazines.  I'm currently subscribing to Lucky, Teen Vogue, and Harper's Bazaar.  British Vogue is one of my favorites too, but i really can't afford to buy the latest issue each month and a subscription is out of question. I love reading Lucky for all the shopping, I think that's my more practical magazine out out of the three. They have very fashionable items though and These are the things I can really picture myself wearing, for some unknown reason i just can't picture myself in the clothes of the outrageous fashion spreads in Harper's Bazaar, or even Teen Vogue for that matter.  I still love Harper's Bazaar though and right now I'm trying to decide what my target audience will b when I have my own store. If I want to build it up to be a luxury brand or if i want to make it more practical for the every day fashionable woman.  So, in that note I subscribe to both! Teen Vogue is more for my age and throws in the trends that work for me, I love it because it isn't the typical teenager magazine (not nearly as much gossip, which is great, i'll pick up Us or people if I want celebrity gossip thank you very much) and I do need to keep my clothes in check for my age, they are all a great balance for me in retrospect. So, what are your favorite magazines?

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