Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New York for Summer

Next summer (July 2011), my church is going to go on a missions trip. This summer we went on one to down town Denver (I didn't make this one, swim team got in the way) and apparently the group had so much fun they wanted to do a cross-country one next summer! I'm so excited for it! We are going to (drum roll please), New York! I've never been but have been planning a trip ever since I decided I want to go to F.I.T. for college and become a name everyone knows in fashion. I see pictures of fashion week and blogs from trips there and it just makes me lust to go there even more each time. The trip hasn't even been announced yet (the leader Robbin hinted to me, then later guaranteed we will be going to the Big Apple) and I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to wait. I've already gotten an old stack of Lucky magazines and have been compiling a list of all the best boutiques around the city.  I've been talking about it at school and my friends are telling me that it's next summer so I really shouldn't start all the planning now, but it's so hard not to! If I plan on being a big name in the fashion industry when I grow older, I need to get a move on. I love reading street style blogs and seeing all the crazy-yet-artfully-amazing concoctions that people mix up in their closets, its just wonderful to be able to stand completely still in a big city and know that there is such hustle and bustle and so many things going on, and absolutely none of them concern you. I love that feeling, I feel so relaxed in that. I need the business around me and honestly, fashion is my one real connection to that hustle and bustle.  I know we are going here on a missions trip and it's to help the less fortunate and bring people to Christ and give them the resources to become a Christian, but Robbin, the leader that told me before she was meant to, said that maybe her and I could stay a couple days after the missions trip to do some shopping, even if that doesn't work out I'll find time to shop and look around. If you have any suggestions of what I should do, where to shop, or what I should eat while I'm there, I would love the input.  I absolutely can't wait to get wrapped up in every thing that New York is known for.  I'm already daydreaming of seeing the Brooklyn Bridge, lounging by Central Park and strolling through Time Square, all armed with my camera and note book. Other places I'm planning of stopping by include Topshop, Kate Spade, an this store Zoe that I found in Lucky. A trip to Soho for a day of shopping and gazing at all he lovely things available is an absolute must, I think that may be at the top of my list. Any way, I just wanted to share my summer plans for you (I know, I know, its almost fall and I am ready for the change in seasons too, but its hard not to look forward to New York!!!) so anyway, hope you are enjoying fall, even though it could still be summer based on the weather.


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