Friday, October 15, 2010

I heart it

Have you ever been stuck for inspiration and just don't know what to do? Well, I found this wonderfully delicious website called we heart it that you will just love. After reading some old posts from the blog lil bee I found this website and I instantaneously fell in love. Basically, anybody can post pictures of anything that they like and then you can go and "heart" it by clicking on the picture and add it to a list for future reference. The pictures can be found from blogs or a website, or you can take the pictures yourself. I have spent hours on it now poring through thousands of pictures and adding them to my heart.The quality of the pictures are amazing and you can't help but smile when you see some of them.  Here are just a few of the pictures that are "on my heart" right now.


Happy Bubbles.

Militarismo na H_M « Madame com Limão

Sequin Magazine

Dulce Candy


Colour me cliché.

Meadows Couture Ii, photography by Xavi Moya

» i`m heading out tonight with my girls .


were all mad here.

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