Monday, October 4, 2010


Don't you just hate it when you walk into a store and see something that has no hanger appeal at all and find something better (or so you thought) and then later see someone wearing that exact ensemble to realize it's gorgeous and then you experience some major clothing jealousy. Then, after you drive all the way to the store almost immediately, you see that this certain piece is all sold out, and you feel like an absolute idiot for not trying it on.  This happened to me a couple weeks ago, and really hadn't thought of a solution other then trying on everything in your sight that could have possible potential {enter}. I'm sure basically everyone that has a love for fashion has been to this website and I just love love love that you see the flats of the clothes, then when you roll over the picture, it shows you what it would look like on. I know this really doesn't solve your problems for in a store but I just adore being able to see where the hem would hit, or how high those dream boots really are, or how that it-bag would fit in your hand.  They have a gorgeous mini dress that was a new arrival for today, and I just love it, but I thought the hem would be a bit longer then it actually is. I thought it was a gorgeous flat, but it is even more amazing on a person (go figure).  Honestly, Net-A-Porter is just an amazing outlet for all the newest and latest on fashion and designers. Period.  They sell basically every brand you could want and have a virtual magazine to see all the newest trends to buy for. What more could a girl really want? (here are just a few of my favorite things)
Miu Miu 
A Miu Miu dress that I just adore, it was a new arrival today, and sold out today too. I can easily see this with a sky-high heel in nude or blush tones.

J.Crew Vintage lace gown
A J.Crew dress from their new wedding boutique. I saw this dress months ago and loved it, and now love it even more on this model's mocha skin. Heaven.

Again J. Crew, and just as fabulous. The green color is right on with the military trend, but fact it's a heel in silk feminizes the trend and takes it to a new level

Ashish Sequined oversized top
Here is an example with the no hanger appeal, I saw this flat from Ashish and didn't like it much at all, it just hangs boringly and doesn't look very flattering, but on it takes on the roll of a comfy piece that you can dress it up just as easily as you can dress down

Tibi Embellished silk-chiffon maxi dress
A great piece for layering loads of jewelry over from Tibi

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