Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ankle Boot Heven

I've been fantasizing over fall clothes for quite some time now and I can finally get away with wearing most of it. I've dreamt of cardigans, boots, and pea coats since the beginning of school and now that's this dream time has finally come, I realize that I don't have any cold-weather clothes I've been drooling over lately. Today I went to the mall and picked up a much needed striped cardigan that is slouchy and light weight, perfect for the weather lately.  In July I obsessed over this specific pair of ankle boots that I saw in the Forever 21 (I do realize that name has become quite a cliche with me) window, and it being July, I wasn't ready to embrace the fact it would be cold in a couple month, so I didn't get them. They have since then sold out, and I'm left with ankle boots that are new, yes, cute, of course, but aren't just right for me. The just right pair always seem to be out of budget so I guess I'll just have to order them online, something I haven't done yet with shoes (I'm paranoid that they won't fit and won't be returnable).Here are pictures of shoes I've been lusting over lately.
Forever 21 twist booties 

                                                            Forever 21 Ankle Boots
See by ChloĆ© 

{I do realize these aren't ankle boots, but i couldn't resist putting them in} See by Chloe lace up Wellington
                                      Lenore Black Suede
                                                                    Kate Preston


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