Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Chocolate (Sorta) Trifle

I've been dying to try out the idea to make a trifle and, since you really don't need a recipe for it, I decided to whip up some individual sized ones up yesterday. They were so easy and very tasty, so this is defiantly going to be made again in our house.  I already had chocolate cupcakes lying around, and we had a box of vanilla pudding that could be made in less then 20 minutes, so it seemed like the perfetct dessert to make on he snowy day inside. My intentions were to make a chocolate trifle, but since we didn't have chocolate pudding, that was cut to just having chocolate cake and chocolate chips in it. All you really do is layer chocolate cake, pudding, whipped cream, and any thing else you can think of (I layered chocolate chips in too, fo a harder texture in the mix which went really well with the other soft creamy ingredients).  I used wine glasses to put each in and I cut up a chocolate cupcake as the cake in each one. The rounded top of the cupcake fit perfectly in the bottom of the glass, and  they looked really nice too. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to use Cool Whip instead of whip cream from a bottle because that has a lot less air in it and after sitting in the fridge for only 10 minutes, the whip cream was flattened about halfway of what it had been. I think strawberries or some sort of fruit would have been nice too, but you can pretty much think up any combo of ingredients for this. It's a pretty fool-proof recipe for the non-chefs out there. Enjoy!

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