Monday, January 24, 2011

Red, White and Pink

Valentines day is coming around soon and I'm so excited. I love Valentines day, actually, I just love any holiday. Getting ready for even the smallest holiday is so much fun. I love it! Have I mentioned that yet?  I used to have so much fun planning out what I was going to pass out in class, then they took that away from me and i have to live vicariously through my little siblings.  Sad day.  We would always make home made Valentines, never the store bought cardboard ones with a little sticker and a Pixie Stick attached.  I would spend hours looking through the latest American Girl magazine dreaming up ideas that would leave the other kids in wow. In fact, I still love doing that for my friends.  The other half of the fun was picking out my outfit that had just enough oink and red, but not too much of either.  Looking back at an old Glamour (I guess that aspect of me has stuck around) I remembered an issue with Scarlett Johansson on the cover wearing a basic, white, over-sized shirt with rainbow colored pom-poms on it.  I loved that picture so much and it always reminds me of Valentines day.  Here are some shirts that have that same look to them, and, here's the best part, they are all under $50.

Forever 21 Sail Away Tank

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