Friday, June 4, 2010

A Quick Update

Sorry everyone for the massive pause on my part. The computer really hasn't appealed to me recently so I haven't been on in a while. anyway, I have found the most amazing new magazine, it's called Boho and I absolutely LOVE it! It is an eco-conscientious magazine with awesome articles and great clothes. Last time I went to the book store, they had the spring one out and I bought it. It was only $6 which is a really great price considering that the other magazines I wanted were boasting $15 or even $20 price tags. But, that's international couture for you.  Also, we (my mom and I) went to this grocery store called Sprouts the other day. I was getting pretty board so I checked out their cosmetics. They were all eco friendly, and I wouldn't consider buying things like blush or mascara there (but that's obvious since its a grocery store) they did have good chap stick. I wanted to try them all but then I figured I would be spending a small fortune in chap stick and lip gloss at a grocery store. Not my best idea. So I didn't buy any yet, but later I will have to try the Alba (I think that's the name) lip gloss and write a review on it. That's all for now! I promise to write again soon!


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