Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jojo's is Six!

So, my little sister Jory turned six earlier today, and I have been living in birthday central for the past week. Last Saturday, my aunt and uncle came over to give her her present because they wouldn't be able to come tonight to have dinner with us like the rest of the family and that is what turned her on. She would not let us forget that her birthday is coming up in days. Planning her party that got overseen, deciding the kind of cake she wanted and, most of all, what she wanted for her birthday. Well, I have been painting my room lately so she has wanted something like that to happen. She wanted to paint a wall, get a rug, take out her play kitchen(oh my gosh, she is turning into a pre-teen) and make a very high stack of magazines to read. So, for her birthday my mom got her a light purple and dark purple rug that she adores, and after wanting one since her fourth Christmas, an American Girl doll. She loves the doll, and named it Violet. So now she wants to paint over her mural that she did when she was two, a bunch of scribbles, and turn her room into a "teenager lounge that my sissy would have"(her words, not mine, that she said this morning to her best friend Rylee. Those two are little fashion divas, I'm so proud). Now she has a desk in her closet, a rug on her floor, she feels that the rug ties every thing together, and no play kitchen. Here are some pictures of Rylee and Jojo "lounging" in her new room.
Just figured you could all use a laugh today, Happy birthday Jojo!

xoxo, Peyton

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