Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's my birthday!

Sorry about my long break I took. I haven't felt like posting and I just couldn't think of the words to use. So, YAY!!! We got our Mac back! So, I will finally be able to upload pictures!!! I have been soooo excited(that explains the over use of letters and punctuation marks)!  Today is also my birthday, yay, again! I got this great tee of a French blogger(the Pandora shirt I've already told you about) and lots of money for my trip out to California. My party is going to be on Friday at the pool, so we'll see what i get then... The shirt looks amazing on me too, with my frayed cut-off shorts. I also got a blue ruffled shirt from Forever 21(have you seen how obssesed I am yet?) that looks good on me too. I'm creating a whole new wardrobe before school starts, and hopefully I will be able to have all new clothes after my trip out to california. That will be a whole week of shopping, I'll have to make a ginormous post of pictures from California when i get back.


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