Friday, July 23, 2010

Counting Down

Only 11, wait, maybe ten, more days until I fly out to California.  My best friend Delanie(who I'm going to see) have made lists and lists of things we plan to do. Go to a baseball game jut like when we were little, lounge by her community pool, stroll down the streets of Old Town Sacramento. But, the one thing we are really, really looking forward to is going to San Fransisco. I haven't been there for three years, never have I been when I could really appreciate the old look of the houses, the shopping, the trolleys. I'm so excited we will get to spend the day there, and spending it with Delanie only makes the thought sweeter. We are going to go to the San Fransisco mall that has what five stories? I've been looking up stores at and around the mall and doing that just makes me more and more excited. There's and H&M which I've never been to, a huge Forever 21(that is my store), and a Buckhorn Grill. Buckhorn Grill has the best onion rings ever. Then' I've also looked up this cute little cupcake shop called Kara's Cupcakes. They have these amazing looking cupcakes that have every kind of frosting, filling, and flavor you could imagine! Each cupcake is less than four dollars, so we will have to judge how amazing they are.  I just can't wait for August 3rd to come!


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