Friday, July 23, 2010

Igor and Andre

The Igor and Andre blog is amazing! Danny Roberts is such an amazing artist, I adore his paintings. It really doesn't help my addiction to his work that he is a fashion illustrator. It only makes me crave more of his art. I was looking back at some of my favorite paintings that he has done today. I'm in a Danny Roberts mood, as I'm wearing the shirt from Forever 21 that I'm sure you all know so much about from this post. I was looking and I must have skipped over this post some how. It is so amazing, I want it for my wall. It would go with my new decor so well, ugh. Anyway, I figured I would share it with you, so now that I have no more to say, except that i want a copy of this painting(sigh), I guess I will send you off.


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